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Welcome to Forecaster

FP&A Simplified.

Forecaster™ is a financial planning and analysis (FP&A) system designed for the financial leader of any small-to-midsized company using QuickBooks. Whether you are using desktop or online versions of QuickBooks, when you install the Forecaster™ software you realize true benefits to your organization within one hour.

Built For QuickBooks

Easy To Use

Solves Issues With Excel

Built In Best Practices

Up And Running In One Hour

Forecaster Is Designed to Meet the Specific FP&A Needs of a Small to Midsized Business

See What Forecaster Can Do For Your Organization

The team at Forecaster has taken the wisdom and experience of a collective of CFO’s and built their Best FP&A Practices into an easy to use software.

This state-of-the-art software requires no special training and is highly intuitive for anyone with minimum exposure to business financials.

Do Not Just Run Your Business

Drive Your Business!

Forecaster is now being made available to you. It will drive” your company toward greater success and help you to further develop your financial leadership skills.


  • Cloud Based
  • Free onboarding by one of our team members
  • Unlimited Users
  • Reports Filtered by Class
  • Business Unit Reporting
  • Restriction for Read Only
  • Restricted Views based on Class
  • Copy and paste to or from Excel
  • Download to Excel
  • Headcount forecasting module
  • Comparisons to:
    • Prior Forecast
    • Prior Year
    • Current Year Budget
    • Next Years Budget

Implementing the Solution

  • Easy – No technical skills required
  • Fast – Your implementation should take no longer than an hour
  • Integrated – Your QuickBooks data will automatically work with Forecaster
  • Supported – We have a team of implementation experts ready to help

Once you install and sync Forecaster with your accounting system, your data will appear in Forecaster in the same format it does in your accounting system. You can get started on your Forecaster FP&A journey right away.

The Genesis of Forecaster

While working as an Accounting and FP&A manager for Zenith Data Systems, the personal computer division of Zenith Electronics, we grew the company from $6MM to more than $600MM in a little over six years. 

The experience at Zenith Data Systems, contributed to a unique skillset of world-class FP&A techniques and the ability to apply them to small high-growth companies. 

The skillset was perfected on a small manufacturing company that grew from $30MM to over $350MM in 15 years. 

The growth included acquisitions, greenfield startups, and Maquiladoras resulting in 15 Strategic Business Units all over the world.

It was also the dawn of personal computers, ERP systems, and the digital era. The experience of pioneering the development of advanced business systems while in a high growth environment was invaluable.

All that learning, development and implementation was the genesis of the Forecaster Solution!

Lifetime “We Will Be There For You” Guarantee!

Our guarantee is simple and it is built on a relationship of trust and cooperation.

We will always be there to support your efforts to use the built-in best practices, and to guide you through the steps necessary to get the maximum  benefit from the Forecaster software…we will not let you fail!

In other words ”We will be there for you!”


The Forecaster Team